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Angel Teeth

  • Angel Teeth
  • Angel Teeth

Based on the classic DOD 250 circuit. The Angel Teeth takes that circuit and transforms it into an angry, clangy weirdo.

The idea for pedal was to have the option for traditional overdrive at the same time as having aggressive, chaotic and unique flavours of drive available at the flick of a switch. The Angel Teeth really earns its place on your pedalboard with its sheer versatility. I opted for a primarily switch based tweaking system as I find it a really satisfying way to manipulate the core tonality of a pedal.

It's tuned to work well with drop tuned guitars/bass and incorporates a switchable octave up + additional gain stage. This pedal will provide a simple clean boost, low gain settings have almost a broken tape machine like quality that can be pushed into thunderous overdrive as you crank that gain knob. The octave up sections gives you awkward glitchy velcro fuzz all the way through to blown out clangy explosive noise that will help you find some truly unique sounds that you can use to carve out your own individual sound and find a niche in an otherwise boring and repetitive landscape of Tubescreamer style drive pedals. This pedal stacks really nicely with other overdrives, especially running into a tube amp on the edge of breakup. This pedal will push your setup into new, crushingly heavy sonic territory and help you truly bear your ( Angel ) Teeth.


master volume control

controls the amount of opamp gain

I: Fuzz:
Adds an additional gain-stage at the end of the circuit. Flip to your neck pickup and you'll really feel that full fat thickness take over.

II: Clipping switch:
UP: LED + Germanium - Subtle compression, adds a sharp grit to the peaks of your signal. Can really emphasise an almost broken tape like quality at lower gain settings.
MIDDLE: No diodes - Less compression, noticeably louder, strong and clear
DOWN: Silicon - Slightly more compressed and saturated than the other modes.

III: Octave up:
Adds a traditional 'Green Ringer' style octave up at the start of the circuit. With lower gain settings this can achieve awkward, clangy ring mod style sounds while cranking the gain with this switch engaged will give you monstrous, aggressive fuzz with a nod to octavia style distortion. Think Jimmy Hendrix playing Sleep riffs.

9V 'BOSS style' DC adaptor only. No Batteries.

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