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ABRACADAVER is a transformer based octave up boost/overdrive pedal.

The main goal I had in mind when developing the ABRACADAVER was to be a simple way of adding a sprinkle of chaos to your other drive pedals. Place it before your fuzz for a fuller, more harmonically rich sound or place it after fuzz to turn it into a wild octave fuzz in the vein of an octavia. It's essentially a real tone messer-upper that takes any drive it touches straight to gross town.

By itself it does a nasty, clanky, octave up flavoured overdrive and weird, sitar-like, clanging dissonance can be produced when you roll back the volume on your guitar.

Two internal trim pots set both the overall volume and also lets you dial in the amount of 'Clang’. The 'Clang' control can be dialled back entirely to leave just a dirty boost if that floats yer boat! *note* The ABRACADAVER ships with these controls cranked but they are there if you need to adjust it to better suit your setup/preference.

9V 'BOSS style' DC adaptor only. No Batteries.

Note: International orders may be subject to customs fees. All additional fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

Every Holy Island Audio pedal is printed and assembled in Cardiff, Wales.

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